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Inbox deliverability issue with sales email

One of our users recently sent an email through his connected Outlook 365 inbox in HubSpot to a customer and copied another internal associate. HubSpot somehow changed the users email to an email extension ( and our sales person never recieved the email responsefrom the customer because the customer replied to the email. I spoke to support about this and they recommended to disconnect and reconnect the users inbox. Doing this fixed the issue, but how can we prevent this from happening in the future? The outgoing email looked perfectly fine when it was sent, but when the associate sent back a response the sales user saw that this email extension had been changed. An error message would have been nice. Any ideas on how to prevent this from happening in the future?HubSpot email issue.jpg

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Inbox deliverability issue with sales email

Hello @KDenno, thank you for the information provided.  It appears this can happen when an email sending domain got disconnected at some point. 

A recommendation would be 

One final option would be to purchase a dedicated IP add-on, allowing the user to select the domain they want to use for email sending. HubSpot will manage to send the email through this domain in that case.


If this happens again we can assure you that this will no affect the deliverability of these emails. 

I hope this information helps.




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