Hubspot sending emails from wrong email address, despite selecting correct email.


Hello everyone,


I have 3 email accounts tied to my hubspot account. Email A is the default email for the account, and Email B is the email I want to send emails from. I tested this out by sending an email to a personal account, and the correct Email B appeared to be the sender. However, I recently discovered that some contacts are replying to Email A instead of Email B. I then went and checked Email A's sent box, and ALL hubspot emails have been sent from this email, despite showing up as being sent from Email B. What is going on here? 


I removed Email A completely from my account, and now the emails are showing as being sent from Email C! Why doesn't it show the correct email? Also, have I messed up the ability for people to respond by removing Email A?

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Community Manager

Hi @ancientcitrus ,


Could you please share some more details such as

  1. Which email feature are you referring to? Sales email, Marketing email or Conversations email?
  2. Screenshots of each email address's connection settings (to understand you connected which email address to which feature)
  3. Screenshots of the behavior you described
    1. the correct Email B appeared to be the sender
    2. now the emails are showing as being sent from Email C

The more screenshots, details and information you can share, the better the Community can assist!