Hubspot Inbox - Trying to set up custom rules, routing, tags, sorting of emails

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Hi Hubspotters!


Anyone have any info on how to deal with emails coming into the Hubspot Inbox? I want to use that (it is under Conversations > Inbox > emails) instead of Outlook for the sales team. It is easier to update pipelines (deals) there than in the Outlook sidebar.


How do we make routing rules, tags, sorting etc. in the Hubspot Inbox? Is there no such capabilities? I looked around and found nothing, I am not referring to what can be seen here:


See here - says "Set up routing rules so every incoming email gets answered quickly and efficiently."


Is this possible? Can we use Hubspot Inbox in place of our Outlook desktop software (which is set up with lots of rules and automations)?


Thanks in advance for your help!


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Hi @BB1,


The routing rules are for who can respond to incoming messages. For more information, click here.


In regards to using the conversations tool to replace Inbox, the conversations tool is designed to help teams manage, scale, and leverage one-to-one communication across their site pages, Facebook, Slack, and other messaging channels. 


Whether or not this will suffice for your business will depend on your company's set up. 


@dan_sitton do you have any experience with this? 



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