HubSpot Hijacks Microsoft 365 Email Server

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I've been fighting with HubSpot for weeks now on this. 


We made the mistake of installing the 365 add in to help us log emails. When we realized it was automatically logging every sensitive email that we sent, we uninstalled it.


However, [number string] is still receiving every single email from Outlook. No one at our IT service provider can figure out how and I've been tossed around between HubSpot staff for weeks now. Ridiculous security issue. 

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Hi @dnewberry,


Thank you for sharing your concerns. I apologize for the frustrations and confusion this has caused. I can see that the Support representative you were working with is still actively investigating this matter. I would recommend continuing to partner with Support regarding this matter, as troubleshooting and sharing next steps will involve sharing personal information.


Generally speaking, you can still use the forwarding and bcc addresses to log emails to HubSpot without having your inbox connected. If emails are being automatically forwarded to your portal, there is likely a forwarding rule set up within your inbox that is causing this. 


Please know that email security, and privacy in general, is a top priority for HubSpot. If you have disconnected your inboxes and no longer want information associated with HubSpot, it is not our intention to continue to have information pushed to your account. 


Thank you,

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