How to connect a Fastmail inbox to HubSpot Sales

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To connect a Fastmail inbox to HubSpot sales, you must generate an app-specific password at the same time that you connect your inbox within HubSpot. Fastmail documentation on app passwords here.


  1. First, within HubSpot, navigate to Sales > Settings > Email Integrations. Choose “connect an inbox” and enter your email address into the correct field.
  2. Now, open Fastmail in another browser tab and login to your account. Click into top left Menu > choose Settings > on the left, under "General," choose Password and Security. Under  “App Passwords” > click "New app password."
  3. Name the new app-password "HubSpot" or something clear. Copy the password and click back into HubSpot tab and paste the password you’ve just copied into the "password" field > hit "Connect Inbox."


If you follow the above steps but receive an UNAUTHORIZED error, you are most likely attempting to connect an alias of the “primary” Fastmail account. To check if this is the case, login to Fastmail and check which email address appears in the top left corner. This should be your primary address. If you wish to see your Fastmail aliases, choose the top left Menu > choose “Settings,” and then from the left menu, choose “Aliases.”


If you want to connect a Fastmail alias to HubSpot, you must generate an additional app-specific password and use the primary address as the “username” of the inbox.



App-specific passwords are able to be created many times for one account - this is common within Gmail, Fastmail, and other providers. You may create one app-specific password to connect your primary Fastmail address to HubSpot, and yet another app-specific password (under the same account) to be used to connect any Fastmail alias address.




If you have any questions regarding this matter, please post in the CRM Email & IMAP Setup board. 

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