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This week, HubSpot released IMAP support for connected inboxes. We’re excited to share this update because it will allow users who are not using Gmail or Office 365 to connect their inbox to HubSpot Sales. This will expand the functionality to the include the full range of our Sales products where they had been limited before.


A connected inbox is what allows users to:

  • Send email from the CRM through their inbox
  • Keep track of replies in the CRM
  • Enroll contacts in a sequence


Previously, this was only supported by Gmail and Office 365 hosted email accounts. At this time we are now able to support any email server that has enabled SMTP and IMAP.

  • SMTP is the mail server responsible for outgoing email
  • IMAP is the mail server responsible for incoming email


Enabling IMAP creates an authorized connection between your email server and an external device. The process will be familiar to anyone who has connected an email account to their mobile phone. The original content of your emails will remain hosted on your email server, but a duplicate can be viewed in your connected application. Connecting a user’s inbox to HubSpot lets us send and “receive” email through that domain’s email servers.




In order to help all of our users utilize these features, we’ve created some resources to help you get started, all of which can be found in the HubSpot Academy:


Additionally, we’ll be posting resources here on The Community to help troubleshoot issues as they arise:

As always, if you’re unable to find an existing solution to your issue by searching our Academy or our Community Forum,  please post your topic on the IMAP Setup board.


If you are posting a question regarding IMAP please be prepared to share the following information. Note: Without this information, we will not be able to troubleshoot the error in your account further, so please ensure all of the following information is correct and shared with the Community. 


1. A screenshot of your IMAP connection screen (including advanced options)

2. Screenshot of the specific error message you are seeing

3. The Hub ID you are trying to connect your email to. Instructions on how to find this here.

4. Confirm you have taken the following steps:

Note: if you have not taken these steps, please do so before posting your question. We will not be able to proceed with troubleshooting until this information is confirmed.

  • Manually input your email address and password (as opposed to them automatically populating)
  • Manually input your server and port information
  • Confirmed your email and password are correct
  • Confirmed the ports and servers with your email provider (this step isn't required before trying to connect, however if the auto-populated ports push back an error message, you should reach out to your email provider for this information before posting in the community). 


Happy HubSpotting!

Nicole Brenner

HubSpot Community Moderator

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