Gmail integration not working

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I've previously integrated my corporate gmail (G Suite) email address and email sending from Hubspot worked fine, but it stopped working suddenly today and offers me to reconnect, which then doesn't go through with an error message.


Is this happening only for me is are others experiencing something similar?




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I am exeriencing the exact same thing, and I just signed up today. It was literally working about 15 minutes ago, but now it isn't. Any help?

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Same thing happened to me today.  Something is going on

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Same is happening with Office 365, all inbox disconnected, add-in is off, and "Sorry" error when trying to reconnect the inbox on

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I think its fixed

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Yes, thanks. Works fine now.

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It's back on Office 365, working fine now.


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Hi all, 


Thank you for your troubleshooting and updating on this thread! This was a known issue and as you identified it has been resolved. Please let me know if you are still experiencing any issues. 


Thank you, 

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