Filter by contacts who haven't replied to my sales email


Hi all,


I'm a super noob, so really simple question.  Want to make a really basic workflow:


Want to email a set of contacts, and then after a set period of time, filter to see which contacts have not responded to the email. If a contact hasn't responded, I will then follow-up with another email.  Easy-peasy. 


 But I can't find a filter that would allow me to do this.  Any suggestions?


Thanks team!


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Unfortuantely, as it stands right now, out-of-the-box Hubspot has no way of telling if someone has or has not replied to your email. 


The only thing you can see is whether someone has opened, clicked on a link within your email and etc, but no reply visibility yet.

Judigng by a survey they sent last month; however, they are working on it. 


Hope that helps. 


You can also create a list, but the data isn't necessarily accurate because it'll pick up other sales emails that they have opened.  


Under Contacts, you can filter by "Recent Sales Open" date, or "Recent Sales Clicked" date, and specify a timeframe.  However, it will include all emails that fall within those parameters,  not just those in the sequence.  You can also create a List.  There is also a way to create a list of who received an email by subject, but that's pretty useless.


Or you can have a TON of fun sorting through your Activity List and opening them individually and contacting them.  


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Late reply here, but for your use case, you can set up an Email Sequence. So you insert mail # 1, then set an amount of time, then mail # 2 etc. Mail # 2, 3, etc. will NOT go out if the contact responds to your email. Thus you automate what you want, just in a different way 🙂 Hope that helps