Emails from contacts not logging in contacts page on CRM

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Hello, I was wondering if anyone could help us with this problem, as we have contacted sales support with no results.


Our inbox is connected with no problems, and when emails are sent through Hubspot, those emails and their replies are all logged in deals/contacts. However when a contact sends an email to us directly (i.e. not replying to a message sent through Hubspot) it does not show up on their page in the CRM. 


I have installed the Hubspot Sales add-in for Office 365 however, this only lets me log emails that we send, rather than ones we receive.


Any help with this would be much appreciated!



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@EzenDesigns Can you please provide more information.

Subscription level?


email client?

what email is connected?

what email are they sending to?


Sounds like there is a slight disconnect. If my connected email is sales and they are sending to info this could present a challenge.