Email signature is plaintext and tracking isn't working


My outgoing emails are often being received with the footer link text and the URL for the link side by side, and the image in my footer the same way, with a link to the JPG, as if I'm sending the email in plaintext. As far as I know I am not.


All I can think of that's different - I have two email addresses I can choose from to send an email now, one is "myname@", and the other is "info@". I also just added the Outlook plugin and started using that, but using that or the browser based emails doesn't seem to make any difference.


Any thoughts anyone has would be appreciated.

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HI @bistromath,


The tracking pixel associated with email tracking is a 1x1 tracking pixel. In order for an email to be tracked, the email does need to be opened with html enabled. 


If you are sending emails in plain text, that will also impact the appearance of your signature.


If you are still stuck, can you please share screenshots of where you are getting stuck, and how HubSpot is impacting this? 


The more information, screenshots and details you can provide, the better the Community can assist!


Thank you,


This is happening to me and it is very irritating - is there a way to hide the pixel or change where it is placed?! It ALWAYS shows for us. Tracking pixel.PNG