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Email goes to spam

Hi All!


When i send an email to my new clients from Hubspot, it almost everytime ends up in the SPAM- inbox of the receiver. Does anybody know how to fix that? That would be awesome!


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Email goes to spam

Hi @SKlaar,


Thanks for reaching out!


It's not possible to determine exactly why an email is filtered to junk because that differs across email service providers, security networks, and even individual inboxes. The specific rules being used in junk and spam filters aren't common knowledge, as that would make them less effective overall.


Are these incoming emails going into the recipient's spam/trash in your personal email inbox? Normally when this happens, it is related to their email security filter. I would recommend having your contacts add your email to their safe sender list. 


Another thing they can do is manually put your emails into their inbox and save the setting. Emails moving forward should go into their inbox instead. Over time, email service providers should recognize the senders as trustworthy senders. 


I recommend your team follow this resource here on deliverability best practices as well as these blog posts here on spam trigger words and this here on getting past email spam filters.


You may also want to consider looking into third-party tools such as GlockApps or Mail Tester, which can test your emails for keywords or other factors that may cause an email to go to junk/spam.


I hope this helps! 




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