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Email Signature Squeeze on Mobile

Hey Community, 


We recently found that our email signature from the Hubspot Email Signature Generator have been getting squeezed and don't look good on mobile. 


Does anyone know of a way to fix this outside of making it an image?


Attached is a picture example.


Image from iOS.jpg

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Email Signature Squeeze on Mobile

Hi @SeanSpecie


Thank you for reaching out about this and sharing a screenshot - that is helpful to see.


My first recommendation would be creating the signature in the signature generator using a different browser, as some browsers don't copy the styling from the signature. I wanted to share this resource for the email signature generator which includes FAQ and troubleshooting. Additionally, please note that the email signature will generate differently across email clients and browsers; while we try to optimize the signature as best we can, due to how browsers translate styling, the experience will not be the same for all email clients. 


If you are still experiencing issues in the majority of browsers and devices after following the steps outlined in the article, can you please share what specific browsers and devices the email signature isn't generating properly in as well as the code that you are working with (if you can remove email / phone number, that would be great!) so that we can take a look? 


Thank you,