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I am able to add a JPEG image to the email signature which appears correctly.  However, when the email is sent and opened in Outlook the image appears as a broken icon?  Why would the image not push through correctly?

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Hi @jross22 All images (even those in signatures) are hosted and live somewhere on the web. The receiving email client looks at that link and reaches back to the hosting server to find and display the image. 


A broken image could indicate the link did not process correctly, the hosting server rejected the image request, or that the receiving email client does not process images. 


A good start would be to access the coded version of the email and check the address of the hosted image. Copy-and-pasting the image address into a new browser will confirm if the image address in broken.


You should also check in other versions, as Outlook renders emails based on their own CSS/HTML standards that may change over time.


If the image fails to show in the email client, but does appear in a seperate browser, the issue most likely lies in the email client. 


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Hi, I did check the link in the html version of the signature, it opens the image fine in a new window. But link still broken, on gmail!

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We have had the same issue for a year and I'm guessing since it's a free product they aren't keen on helping you quickly. 

My workaround has been to upload the photo to my personal Google Drive. Totally works.




I had this issue too but solved it by adding my images to my website (on a hidden page).