Editing a sequence and losing data

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We have complex customer enquiry sequencies which require quite a bit of customisation. I can be working on the first mail in the sequence, in the contact record, for 20-30 mins. When I go to send the mail, sometimes, I get an error message flash up on the screen momentarily telling me there was an issue sending the mail but then I am returned to the contact page and all the work I have done is lost


This does not happen consistently, it is occassional and I assume that there must have been an internet connectivity issue at some point during the time I was editing the sequence.... but my main complaint (and every time it happens I am livid and it takes me an hour to calm down!) is that their is no recovery of the work I have spent 30 minutes owkring on - it is completely lost.



Why does this happen?

Why can I not be returned to the same data rather than losing it?



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Hi @PhilAnniss1,


I would like to begin by apologizing for the frustrations you have experienced because of this! I have had similar issues occur across different websites and platforms, and it is very frustrating when the work isn't recovered. I am sorry you are experiencing this. 


While there is no way to recover your work after the page refreshes, the technique I usually use when I have been working on something for a while is to copy it, refresh my page, and then if it doesn't load you can paste it back in. 


Additionally, you could do the edits in an offline location, such as Microsoft Word or a note pad, and then copy and paste it into the sequence when you are ready to send. 


Again, I realize these are workarounds, however as HubSpot does run over the internet, I think working through solutions that do not involve a stable internet connection will be our best option.


Thank you,

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