Easy Quick way to associate Conversation Email to a deal, contact, or company?

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When you are in the Conversation Inbox looking at an email is there an easy way to see all the contacts, deals, and companies it is associated with?


Is there a way to quickly change the associations for the email?


We have third party apps that send payment, invoice, and other notifications that we would like to associate with a contact, but that contacts email isn't actually in any of the email fields, instead its in the body of the email.

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Hi @GaryTesta,


On the right hand side of the inbox you should be able to see the contact information, any associated deals, past conversations, etc. While you cannot associate the contact with a company through the sidebar, you can navigate to other records from there.


Thank you,


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@GaryTesta and @jennysowyrda 


Thank you for the question and answer! Being able to display the associations is very nice. 


Still, it would be very helpful being able to associate the conversation manually to other records (when being on the conversation in the conversation inbox). I belief this is currently not possible, right?