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Hello all:


We have been a Hubspot customer for a while now, using the GMail plugin to log and track customer emails.


We did not realize that the default settings cause ALL emails to be logged, including private internal emails to each other (and their attachments)!


I have now changed our settings to exclude emails sent within our domain, and instructed staff to turn off the default logging/tracking in the GMail extension and turn it on. 


And, I found this post that discussed this a bit:


Disallowing our users in Hubspot to see other contacts is a a good optionfor us, since we all work and share sales leads/contacts.


What I want is a way, as an admin, to be able to search for all logged emails between two contacts, or filter the emails logged from a Contact by things like sender, sent to, subject, content, words, etc. ASnd then be able to select such emails filtered, and delete them.


We have a lot of private communication that accidentally got captured, which I need to delete.


I would also argue that for EU Privacy reasons, this is a required feature, to respect data removal requests from users (delete all recorded emails from a contact).





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Hi @DanPronovost ,


I don't know if it will help, because I don't have any contacts registered by the integration here, but one option would be to open a contact that is sure that it was registered by the conversations and check in their contact properties, if there is one that can characterize them. If everyone has a specific property that can unite them, you can use it as a filter in a list of contacts and then delete them.


Another possible solution may be to create a list based on the content of the email, as shown below:



I didn't get to test any of these ways, but I hope that some of them can help you.


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