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Hi all, I'm looking to have a promoted question asking why the client wishes to unenroll from our emails, I believe that Marketing Emails has this option but I don't see it for Sales Emails. Does anyone know if this is possible?

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Hi @AKitay,


Thanks for reaching out!


I can confirm that this is currently not possible to add an unsubscribe reason to sales emails. This has come up in the past for marketing emails as well: 

How to add a question about an unsubscribe reason on the unsubscribe (confirmation) page

Add a REASON option to the UNSUBSCRIBE page - Help Please!


I would highly encourage you to submit this product suggestion at our ideas forum


Our product team, who monitors the forum regularly, can read your specific use case and understand why this would be a useful functionality or change. It also helps other customers facing the same issue to advocate for its implementation on your behalf by upvoting on the thread as well. 


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