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We use the Service Hubspot module heavily in our business for Inbox and Ticket management.

Our team want to be able to create HTML (one to one) Conversations Emails and Email Templates (also known as Sales Templates) to allow us to send designed and branded emails to our sales prospects and customers.

We want to include graphic icons, integrated maps, link buttons, and other simple HTLM items so we can provide our customers and staff a simple graphic solution via email.

I assume the only way we can send out any HTML template emails is if we set up a Marketing email and use a workflow?

I think there would be a benefit in adding HTML access to these emails and templates.

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Hi @jpgulliver 


Thank you for reaching out. If you're looking to suggest this as an Idea for our Product Team, I would recommend going in the Ideas Forum. I want to share the following two Ideas with you so that you can upvote and comment them: 

More edit tools for Sales EmailsHTML Templates Hubspot Sales Pro


Regarding your question about what can be done with sales emails/templates within HubSpot, there are some personalizations available with this tool, for more information and specifics I want to share this resource with you: 

Create and send templates


If you're looking into something a little more custom coded, a marketing email would be your best option. For more information I want to share this article with you:

Build a custom coded template


Another option is to use drag and drop email:

Create marketing emails in the drag and drop email editor


Hope that helps.
Have a lovely day,

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