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Hello guys ...


I started using the free version of the app and been playing with it since December. Since the result was really good, I´m starting to configure other team members accounts.


I first had the shared inbox account problem but been able to disconnect it and set it as a personal account. Now, I did the same for the other 2 team members. The problem I´m experiencing is that when I visit the tag Conversations > Inbox, neither my account nor the others see any emails on it, it´s just blank. Is this supposed to work like this? Maybe, this feature is only thought for shared inbox, idk.


By the way, when I open conversations > inbox using my account (admin), all the info is blank, other team members accounts show a pink rectangle box with the desription "something went wrong, please try again, if this problem continues please inform, event id 9bc555b230c34b37a7ca96b74e2a1db5"


Annotation 2020-01-29 160024.png




The email & callendar is connected in all accounts because I can create emails & book meetings from contacts / companies / deals, but cannot see the view I used to see when connected my e-mail account as a shared account of all my emails like outlook/gmail.


Hope I´m being clear.


Thanks a lot


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Hi @ErikGron


In order to see emails within your conversations inbox, this requires that emails are coming into the inbox which you have connected. Can you confirm that you are receiving or forwarding emails to a hosted email address in the conversations inbox? If so, can you please provide some examples, either in this thread, or private message of emails you have received to the inbox? 


All the best,


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Hi Olivia, I have my inbox connected to the CRM (gmail client) and I send/receive emails correctly on Gmail.


I can also send emails using the CRM but on the "contacts" tab, and also see all conversations I have with every contact when I pin each one of them. This prooves that it is connected, right?


My problem is that if I want to see the tab "conversations" on Hubspot where I used to receive all the emails, it is empty (as shown on the uploeaded screenshots). Btw, on Gmail I can see everything.


Does this make sense?