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there is something wrong with my inbox connection, we are using Outlook and the Pop and IMAP are disabled by our company and only Exchange is available.

I have tryed with Office 365 connection but it ended with loading

I have read the

but can't find Exchange, could you please help me with this, thank you.


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Same issue here.  I was able to connect my inbox, but I am looking to get the meetings integration done too, and I keep getting the same error and URL.

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I have the same issue.  Setting up a Microsoft 365 email for the "shared team email address" function in Conversations.  It loads a page with the following URL and nothing happens:

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Hi all,


It sounds like there are a few issues here involving connecting inboxes.


@learner were you looking to be ungated for the exchange beta (which you have been)? 


@mjr228 are you looking to connect your calendar? Currently only calendars hosted by Google and O365 can be connected to the meetings tool. 


@JW66221 do you mind sending along a screenshot of where you are getting stuck? Were you able to connect your inbox to the conversations tool, or is the breakdown occurring during the setup? 


If I am misunderstanding, please let me know and I'm happy to help.


Thank you,

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