Central place (inbox) in HubSpot to see all email replies

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It would be super helpful if there was a central place to see all email replies in HubSpot, like an inbox...listed in chronological order with a reply button. Would love to know if the HubSpot community feels the same way.

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Hi @chrjen 


You can connect a shared email address to a conversations inbox and see all messages and replies to it in one place. This doens't work for replies sent to one-to-one sales emails though, which can't be see in one place all together.


Hope this helps.

Phil Vallender | Inbound marketing for B2B technology companies
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Hi Phil,


Thanks for the suggestion. Could we transition multiple individual email addresses to "shared" and have them all pull into conversations? If so, how do we do that? We have a tight team (3 people) who trust each other, so there would be no problems having all the emails pull into conversations. Would that be possible?

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Hi @chrjen 


I'm not sure how you are set up, however, I have a small side-hustle that is a one-man music production company. We use a free HubSpot portal. I connected the only business email to the shared inbox. Every communication for the business goes to the shared inbox that @Phil_Vallender speaks of.

My wife helps me every so often with logistics and has access to this HubSpot portal. She can see and respond to emails when I am unable to respond. It is helpful to have someone I trust be aware of what is happening with the business and can reply to emails in my voice. 


This would not be ideal if I were to add team members and don't want them "speaking for me". With the shared inbox, anyone with access to the HubSpot portal would be able to see and respond to these emails. It is possible, but maybe not ideal when working with a large team. 

Hope this helps. 

Will Smith
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