Can we ignore the Sender's Email, Instead associate to the Recipient Email only?

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We use QuickBooks Online to generate quotations and other invoice communications for our customers.  We have all the QBO emails sent to a Google Group ( which is associated to a Conversation Inbox in HubSpot.


We have a couple of issues:


All the inbound emails are associated automagicially to the email which is the sending email server. 


a) Can we turn this auto association off just for this domain or email address?  When we click on the email in the conversation inbox it shows the association to this email address and not the customer's contact on the right pane.


b) What we would like is for these emails to be associated to our customer contact, and their company.  This is actually working correctly because if I look up the contact I can see the email logged correctly in the activity.   


But that right pane contact when viewing the contact is always useless as its the sending email server and not our customer.


c) What we would like is a quick way to see any ONE of the assoicated contacts in the right pane without having to do a search, for them.  But right now we can only see the one email contact that hubspot sees in the FROM email and we want to see the contact that is in TO: field for that email.


Also, I'm afraid to set the domain of the intuit server to be block or ignore because I'm afraid we'll loose the correct association of the customer.  Maybe I'm not understanding this correctly??

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Hi @GaryTesta,


There is no way to change the auto association just for one domain.


Emails can be logged to the company record for the company associated with the contact.


I did want to share the CRM user guide for your reference to help get you started. 


Thank you,

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