Broken? Sequence "Send follow-up emails at recommended send times"

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The image below shows 4 separate attempts to enroll the same contact in a sequence where the setting was to "Send follow-up emails at recommended send times." According to Hubspot, this is supposed to ensure that "Each follow-up email will be delivered at the time proven to have the highest open rate for that day."

On enrollment, Hubspot shows dates and times for planned emails and tasks. But when I saw the next email would be sent on a Monday at 3:12am, that caused me to pause the enrollment. I canceled out of the enroll process and tried again. Now instead of 3:12am it was 5:49pm. Then 1:30pm. And finally, 3:46pm.


Screen Shot 2020-02-14 at 2.15.17 PM.png4 separate enroll attempts with same contact

Same contact (James), same date (Feb 17), same day of week (Mon). So if Hubspot is selecting the time based on proven highest open rate for that day, why is it a different time 4 times in a row?


As much as I'd like to use a proven time of day for best open rates, I don't feel confident with a 3am delivery.


Am I doing something wrong? Does anyone else have the same experience?


Thanks for any help!


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