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Best way to set up Multiple Email addresses for Sales Reps

Hello all,

We are currently implementing HubSpot and am having difficulity with regards to email configuration and setup.   Our company operates two different websites and therefore two different domains.   We have two business units in our account.

Currently, our users have a single mailbox in Office 365 with additional SMTP addresses attached to that mailbox.  They have one username and password.  In Outlook, they can choose which email address they wish to send from.  

However, from what I'm told, this capability is not supported in Hubspot.   Regardless of which email address i tell Hubspot I'm wanting to add, it changes it to the "primary" email address associated with the account.  Hubspot support has left me with two options:

1.) Don't use HubSpot to send email.   Use the Outlook Plugin and send email only from the Outlook email client where this functionality is allowed.

2.) Change all Sales Reps to have multiple email boxes with different usernames and passwords.  This would allow the accounts to be added to Hubspot; however it would require a seperate account/license in Office 365 and would require each user to keep track of mulitiple usernames and passwords.

I feel like our configuration is fairly common and can't beleive that this scenario can't be overcome.  I'm hoping that other users here have run into this before and have some solutions that I'm not thinking of to help overcome this.

I look forward to hearing from anyone who might be able to provide any assistance.

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Best way to set up Multiple Email addresses for Sales Reps

Hey @TRaymondRoto, Happy Friday!


I would recommend to consider using email aliases. Email aliases allow multiple email addresses to be associated with a single mailbox. This way, each sales rep can have their own email address for each domain, but all emails will be received in one mailbox. 


Another option is to set up email forwarding from the additional email addresses to the primary email address associated with the HubSpot account. This way, emails sent to any of the sales reps' addresses will be forwarded to their primary email address, and they can respond from there using HubSpot.


To our top experts @TomM2, @TrevorJohnson, and @LouiseHare do you have any recommendations for @TRaymondRoto?


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Best way to set up Multiple Email addresses for Sales Reps

My understanding of Email Aliases is that you can not use them to send email from Hubspot.  To test this, i have set up the additional email addresses as an alias in Hubspot and then attempted to send an email direct from the contact record.   The Alias emails are not an option to select sending an email from.


As for the second option, if I understand you correctly, email currently sent to the other aliases is already delivered to the single mailbox.  So getting mail into Hubspot isn't the issue.  The issue is making sure that when we send email from hubspot, that we have the ability to switch between the different brands.

To give you a better idea how email is currently configured, please see below:

O365 Mailbox (TRaymond at Acuantia dot com
----Alias 1 (TRaymond at Tank-Depot dot com)
----Alias 2 (TRaymond at Plastic-Mart dot com)

The mailbox is tied to a user account.  All mail sent to any of the three email addresses is delivered to the one single mailbox.  Outlook is aware of this relationship and allows the user to change the FROM address on any message sent out from this mailbox to any of the three email addresses (by default, the email address is used unless otherwise specified).


This pattern is used to keep authentication simple for the end user.  They don't have to have three different usernames and password to remember and keep up with.  It also allows you to only have a single O365 License in and still be able to send and receive from different domains.