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Due to some GDPR and the way we are using our corporate email, I would like to find a solution to avoid logging email sent between employees within my organisation, we have sensitive internal information running via mail that should not be logged in the CRM. I am aware of the black list function in the settings, however this will also block email from Hubspot users .


Sales rep 1 is a hubspot user and should log all activities at the exeption of HR mail or sensitive information sent to his manager. If he his black listed, none of his sent mail will be regitered.


Is there a way to managed this kind of scenarios?

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Hi @Jeff1980,


The never log setting will only prevent incoming emails from logging that are associated with a user. Emails that the user sends will still be eligible to log to the recipient's timeline. If you are looking to block internal communication, this would be the best option.


If, however, the never log option is too broad for the users, the best solution will be to ensure that the log button is not checked when sending emails internally. 


Thank you,

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