Automate enrolment of contacts in Email Sequences through API or Zapier.




I wanted to check if the capability to enroll multiple contacts in an Email Sequence exists. We want to enroll these contacts through an API Call and will be sending email sequences from multiple accounts. 

I am new to the world of automation and would really appreciate any help here. This will be a savior for us as we are looking to increase the productivity of our team members. 

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Hello @Akash_200 


At the moment I was not able to find an API that would enroll or un-enroll contacts from a Sequence.


A way to enroll multiple contacts in a sequence at the moment is possible as this article explains more: Enroll contacts in a sequence 

This way is possible to select up to 50 contacts to enroll in bulk.


I will tag some of our top contributors to ask for their opinion @BJSzyjakowski , @himanshurauthan , @Anton would you like to add anything else here for @Akash_200 question?


Thank you,




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Any further updates on using API calls to unenroll contacts based?