All sales emails recently show bounced - to valid emails




Lately, every time I try to send a sales email from a contact record screen, after a little while it shows as bounced. I know the emails are valid because I am getting the bounce also to my own emails (I am testing on a contact with an email I own). This also resulted in some legit contact emails being marked as bounced.


I have removed and reconnected my IMAP mailbox and I get the same results.

(btw. emails sent from my connected inbox wiht BCC to Hubsport do show in the history)


After reading through many community articles, I started to look and found that many contacts are marked as Opted out of email: One on One, even for contacts who submitted their emails through HubSpot forms. I then created a new contact (with an email address I own) and when I looked it had the same opt out flag. So it seems any new contact I create gets the opt out of ono to one flag? Why? How can I fix this?


It makes the sales emails and tracking useless. And now legit contacts which received marketing emails are marked as bounced after trying to send them sales emails.


Any help is appreciated to: fix / remove the 'ono to one' opt out (from exisitng and when creating or uploading new contacts), be able to send sales emails without bouncing, and unbouncing legit contacts.

Thanks a lot!

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Hi @Tud,


Depending on the GDPR settings enabled in your account, that is likely why contacts are not opted into 1:1 emails. For more information on this, I wanted to share this article.


If you are still stuck after following the steps and ensuring your settings are set up properly, please let us know. The more screenshots, examples and details you can provide, the better the Community can assist!


Thank you,