Add contact property to picture URL in sales mail template

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Hi, I´m using the free version.


Is there a way to insert a property (Contact ID or email) at the end of the URL of a picture on a mail template? I´m trying to use a button to prefill a form on another site.


I can do that with no problem in the body of the mail, but I haven´t found a way to do it when I enter the URL for th picture (XXX marks the spot for inserting the property):


HubSpot mail template screenshot.png




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Hi @IPerez, do you need to use the sales templates or can you also use marketing emails for this specfic email you are trying to send?


In marketing emails you can work on the source code and could easily attach any property to an URL with the personalization tokens. In sales templates there is no way to edit the source code as far as I know Smiley Indifferent

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Hi Dom,


Thanks for your idea. I'm not very familiar with the marketing email functionality, but we value the fact that we can send sales emails with very few clicks directly from the contacts page using templates.


I´m familiar with the campaigns functionality of mailchimp, but found it too cumbersome to send a single email assembled from a number of hubspot properties. Also, from what I´ve seen templates in HS marketing mails are only available in paid versions.