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rsheldon on June 22, 2021
Hey there! Welcome to the SEO Study Group. The purpose of this post is to walk you through the experience of getting started and how to get the most value out of this Study Group. If you have any specific questions or comments, please reply in the c read more
274 Replies
November 28, 2022 05:09
Hello everyone, My name is Saquelan Mustaque, and i am a hubspot developer and i just joined SEO to up my skills and be better.
rsheldon on November 22, 2022
Welcome to the SEO Study Group! This is a forum to ask questions, share experiences, and show the results of your exercises as you go through the SEO II Certification course. Use the question prompts below, or feel free to share your insi read more
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SShinde66 on November 17, 2022
Hey guys, I;ve been learning about SEO and how it works in an attempt to start a new career in the field. I’ve been reading up on blogs and taking courses to enhance my knowledge and skills. That’s when I came across this amazing Guide to Ke read more
3 Replies
November 28, 2022 08:29
Keyword research matters a lot in SEO. Your website 80% depends on Keyword research. without keyword reserch you can not rank you site on 1st pos i more
AHeni on November 17, 2022
Register here: Structured data is a strategic edge in modern SEO as it helps search engines and software applications, in general, to reliably parse, identify, and extra read more
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2 Replies
November 21, 2022 09:20
Thanks for sharing it. I'm really excited to see power bi side
HSeeley on November 07, 2022
Hi all. I'm brand new to the HubSpot Community, and to SEO! As a beginner, I still have much to learn so I'll throw one of those "keeps me awake at night" questions. 😅 What's the difference between a related keyphrase and a keyphrase synonym? read more
6 Replies
Recognized Expert | Partner
November 14, 2022 18:03
@HSeeley such a great question and equally wonderful answer @kmcready , very cleary defined and easy to share - thank you! 🙂
LBarreraOchoa on November 04, 2022
Hi guys! I've just joined the community and I'm very glad to learn from you. Thanks for all your insights
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2 Replies
November 07, 2022 13:08
Welcome welcome! I'm new as well. Hopefully we can all earn from each other here. 🎉
SIdehen on November 03, 2022
Hello everyone, my name is Sally, and I am so glad to be here.
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November 03, 2022 23:58
Hello Sally, Welcome to hubspot community
YuliaS on November 02, 2022
Hi everyone! I just started the SEO certificaton course, and looks like there's an error in the first quiz (SEO basics). Whichever answer I choose, they all show as wrong. Does anyone else have the same issue?
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4 Replies
Community Manager
November 04, 2022 02:27
I'm glad that it works now, thank you for letting us know @YuliaS ! Have a great day 🙂 Mia, Community team
NicoleWilliams on October 27, 2022
Hi everyone! I'm curious, does the structure of a website navigation and it's menu with in have an impact on SEO ranking? A previous consultant set ours up so keywords were what determined our menu structure but it looks messy and not easy for websi read more
1 upvote
4 Replies
November 03, 2022 03:50
Website navigation (a.k.a., internal link architecture) are the links within your website that connect your pages. The primary purpose of website more
Chris35 on October 18, 2022
Hi I look forward to learning a little more about SEO. I was wondering if it is possible to pivot or change the type of content on a website and still have it rank on search engines? Or does this have more to do with the Domain Authority of the w read more
8 Replies
October 25, 2022 23:03
I think content is much important in SEO. Especially add your targeted keywords. But also focus on off-page and technical SEO strategies
7RajputbCompr on October 02, 2022
Hey, I am abhishek rajput from India Here to upgrade mine skill in seo can any one guide me for this 😁 😁 😁 how toh get clients or how to start work to run our agency
4 Replies
Recognized Expert | Diamond Partner
October 04, 2022 23:07
I guess @kvonloesecke and @Jnix284 you guys have said it all.
GeetaL on September 29, 2022
Hi all! I'm excited to be a part of this community! My name is Geeta (she/her) and I'm a content writer from India. This is my first post and getting warmed up to this platform. Could anyone kindly throw some light on this please - "how read more
1 upvote
8 Replies
October 05, 2022 22:56
Thank you for responding @ANwakaego !
TTuitt on September 23, 2022
Hi everyone! I'm Tracy from Trinidad and Tobago, and I've been thrust into the world of Digital Marketing and can't seem to get myself out. So instead, I am furrowing even deeper into the world of SEO, Email Marketing and perhaps E-commerce, hop read more
1 Reply
September 25, 2022 06:10
Hi Tracy! In case you want to learn more about SEO, I have just initiated writing blog articles on different areas of SEO. You can read about more
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