SEO Blog Post Topics?

Hello! I am taking the SEO Course and loving it! I am brand new to SEO. 1 one of the professors mentioned that in order to rank in the top 10 on google, follow the same format and content for the results that already rank in the top 10. He said don't try to be too unique. 


I'm confused... why would someone want to click on my link if it's similar to what is already there? And how can I get high-quality backlinks if my content is just like my competitors? I thought the whole point of SEO is to stand out. Could you please clarify? Would love to know so I can plan out my blog posts! Thank you! 

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Inbound Professor
Inbound Professor

SEO Blog Post Topics?

Hi @CDurkee ! Thanks for asking this, this is a great question.


The guideline is to follow the same content format as what's currently ranking in the top 10, not to copy their content exactly. For example, if the top 5 ranking pages are all long-form research papers, then your content should also follow that format, since that is what users are searching for and clicking on the most for that particular search term. At the end of the day, it's all about the searcher's intent: what are they looking for when they type those words into Google (or their search engine of choice)? The better you can meet that intent with high-quality, helpful content, the better chance you have of ranking. In this situation, if you tried to stand out from the research papers by publishing a listicle, it might miss the mark since people are looking for more in-depth, detailed anwers.


You should definitely try to make your content stand out in other ways, such as including additional or updated information/statistics, a video to make the page more engaging, infographics, or any other elements that your competitors are NOT yet using. 


Hope this helps!