Pillar Pages and cluster topics

I'm currently working on restructing our website and have been learning about the pillar page/cluster topic format to improve SEO. I was wondering if this is mostly for blog content or if it's a legitimate way to organise both blog content and product pages? As in, should I have a pillar page that is a service type and from there link to both blog content and to product pages that sit under that one service type.

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Pillar Pages and cluster topics



Thats a great question.

The theory behind why Topic Clustering is powerful from an SEO perspective can certainly apply to service pages.


In reality I think it's more suitable to an educational focus. Having the pillar page as a topic master page which descibes the topic overall, not just the service of the topic.

You can certainly include links to sevrices within that pillar page though, covering a topic can also mean how the topic is serviced, priced, delivered etc which is all infomation in detail on the service page.




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Pillar Pages and cluster topics

Great question @rna8! In my experience, linking any page (product, service, blog, site page) to your pillar page is absolutely helpful to SEO. Internal linking is a powerful tool. So anytime you can link to the pillar page with the right anchor text, you're doing the right thing.


Now, the question of pillar pages ... I would not suggest treating service or product pages as pillar pages. Your pillar page should be a helpful, engaging resource, not a product or sales page. 


And for the record, I'm a big fan of the HubSpot topics tool for organizing the pages and links. Then adding a tool like SEMrush for the keyword/topic research. 


We also have a nice pillar page planning document at Impulse Creative I'm happy to share and go over if you're interested. Always happy to help! 


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Pillar Pages and cluster topics

Hi Dan, 


Thanks very much for the insight, that's really helpful. 


Yeah I'm looking into all the various tools that can help set all this up and think the Hubspot resources are pretty great for helping giving me the structure 🙂 



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Pillar Pages and cluster topics

Hi @rna8,


Thank you for the interesting question, I'm not an SEO expert myself, but I wanted to tag a couple of Community members to see if they can share their expertise: 

Hi @Daniel_Bleich@rikkilear@JonPayne@danmoyle do you have any tips for @rna8?


Thank you!



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