New to SEO

Hi there, I am new to learning SEO and I wanna know if I can learn it without having a website or if it will be a time waste if so what should I start learning now?

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New to SEO

Hey there.
Learning about SEO is definitely not a waste of time if you're looking to
break into digital marketing/ e-commerce. If you learn some SEO and general
digital marketing fundamentals you can start practicing what you've learnt
through a bunch of online freelance organisations so you can get a bit more
experience/ exposure to the industry (and get paid while doing so).
Hope this helps
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Recognized Expert | Partner

New to SEO

Agree with @MiaSrebrnjak  100%, learning something new is never wasted! 🙂


The HubSpot Academy SEO Certification is one of my favorite courses and is packed with so much valuable information.

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New to SEO

Hi @AAshraf5


welcome to the Community!

I belive that learning something new is never a waste of time. Courses about SEO also provide insights into search engines and how they work, which is very useful knowledge as we all use search engines daily. 

Having a website is not absolutely necessary to learn about SEO, but if you still want to put what you'll learn into practice - it's now easier than ever to build a website. Many CMS providers offer free web-builders, like HubSpot's CMS Hub Free.


I hope this is helpful!





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