Looking forward to a deeper dive into SEO/HS



I'm Victoria and I have a decent understanding of SEO but am excited to bring this understanding to a higher level. I learned about SEO over the past decade from working closely with developers and just taking mini tutorials. I'm looking forward to getting a full lesson and really owning the subject!

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Recognized Expert | Partner

Looking forward to a deeper dive into SEO/HS


Hi Victoria, welcome to the SEO group!


It sounds like you have a good foundation to build from and are taking the right steps to reach your goals.


One tip I recommend for those new to SEO is to keep a small journal - a little notebook or a digital document - that you can write down your observations about your own search habits, what the results are, what the suggestions are from Google, etc.


For example, if you are ready to buy a new backpack, when you head to Google, what do you type? If you click the search bar, what other keywords does Google suggest? What are the top results? are there any rich results?


The best way to understand search intent is to analyze your own intent to understand how Google is translating it. This will help you to reframe the questions you are trying to answer into the right long tail keywords.


All the best in your journey, looking forward to reading more from you soon about what you've learned!


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