How to improve SEO knowledge and best ways to practice SEO

Hi everyone, 

I am Milan Bhat and I am currently learning SEO on Hubspot through its certification course. Though I would love to learn but I also need to implement what I learn to truly understand how SEO works. Can anyone here suggest ways to learn and implement the learnings so that I get a better understanding of SEO? 



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Inbound Professor
Inbound Professor

How to improve SEO knowledge and best ways to practice SEO

Hi Milan,


Thanks for joining the study group! In addition to taking the SEO Certification, I would recommend reading through the additional resources in the course to continue your learning. SEO is a broad space, and there are many more topics to be explored through the resources linked in the course. 


To put your skills in action, I would suggest implementing your learnings from the course on a live website. This could be your personal website, a blog you create about a topic you're interested in, or another site you're comfortable experimenting with. Much of SEO is trial and error, so the best way to learn is to put your skills to the test in a live environment!


Hope this helps,