How does Schema Help?

How much is too much? Should we add schema to all the blogs ad landing pages that we generate. Does Schema attract bad toxic links to the site? 

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How does Schema Help?

Hello there!
Schema does not bring toxic links to your site.
Is Schema good for your site? Definitely YES.
1. Define your type of business.
2. Recognize the user intention search and what LP, post, etc going to answer those querys.
3. I highly recommend visiting Google Dev. and checking this doc. about structured data
Also, I recommend checking this Schema generator: 

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How does Schema Help?

Great question! Generally, you'll want to install a plugin like Yoast that setups the schema for you. And yes, you'll want it on all pages, generally speaking of course. Every situation and business is different. For example if you're a publisher who is posting 40 articles a day, it would help, but that amount of content it won't be as important since that kind of SEO is different.


Schema essentially tells crawlers what your content is about and gives them a structure to help them crawl your site faster. Additionally, it's important if you want to get featured snippets.


Lastly, I wouldn't worry about toxic links, especially from Schema. The name toxic link has more of a negative connoation that it deserves. Depending on your back linking structure and quantity, toxic links won't have too large of an effect on your SEO efforts.


As always, every situation and business is different!


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