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ElwaleedRashad le Mai 15, 2023
Hello all, am new in Mo Ops, and I want to build a career in it, I have worked for a saas company for a year as a marketing coordinator, and I have seen that Hubspot tools are very efficient for Marketing automation, I have read some resources Lire la suite
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Gestionnaire de communauté
Mai 23, 2023 11:26
This is a great list! Thank you for sharing @HaVdb ! 💛 Cheers Mia, Community Team
DAlmDelia le Avril 18, 2023
Hello, I'm having a problem understanding the situations in force and friction in companies situations, good functions, and bad frictions. I still don't understand why, please help me understand the situation. For example, if the company wants to ad Lire la suite
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Mai 16, 2023 22:14
Yes, thank you. I FULLY understand. Put myself as the customer as force or fiction, bad friction or good friction. Force is like upselling and good fr...Lire la suite
chris_remotish le Avril 11, 2023
Got a question I want to pose for anyone who would want to share some thoughts. But some context first. Lifecycle Stages. HubSpot has its default ones . Other places on the internet have thousands of different variations that essentially say Lire la suite
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Leader d'opinion | Partenaire solutions Elite
Avril 12, 2023 15:57
"...solving for the customer." BOOM.
Lisette1 le Mars 31, 2023
Hey all - hoping to tap in on your expertise/experience here. We're currently hiring for an addition to our RevOps team - and we want to have the candidate do a (not too extensive) assignment during the interview process. We’re looking for a HubS Lire la suite
4 Mentions J'aime
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Mars 31, 2023 11:54
Thank you @jolle , this is valuable input! For us it would be in-house so the case would also be most useful to specify on this but can build that a...Lire la suite
DougS le Mars 19, 2023
Supposing you were charged with implementing HubSpot CRM and aligning it with the current sales proceses of a given organization. They have a mish-mash of CRM's and silos for different teams. What's the recipe book look like for a 30-60-90 Day Plan Lire la suite
Leader d'opinion | Partenaire solutions Diamond
Avril 01, 2023 12:16
Hi @DougS creating a solid 30-60-90 day plan is a big undertaking, I think you're definitely asking the right questions. While I don't have a full ...Lire la suite
MarcosBarcelos le Janvier 14, 2023
The importance of frequent conversation between the entire lead path. MOTIVATION When reading the book Customer Success by Dan Steinman, Lincoln Murphy and Nick Mehta, he writes about customer loyalty: This Lire la suite
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Leader d'opinion | Partenaire solutions Diamond
Janvier 19, 2023 10:59
Hi @MarcosBarcelos I haven't heard it described with this terminology before, but I think the premise is the same as the flywheel, right? Any...Lire la suite
vineemchi le Novembre 14, 2022
Hello Guys, My name is Ebubechi and I would like to ask for resources to help me get started with the basic Rev Ops skills. I am eager and excited to learn. Thank you.
2 Mentions J'aime
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Contributeur | Partenaire solutions Diamond
Janvier 18, 2023 14:31
Hey there Ebubechi! I'm sorry for being so late to respond but I wanted to do my best to try and provide some resources for you as well outside of al...Lire la suite
Jayk1 le Août 21, 2022
Hi Can someone help me on how to create a flow chart for sales operation through hubspot marketing automation.
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Septembre 27, 2023 09:10
Who Invented Pool And Snooker gained immense popularity in the United States during the early 20th century. Its accessibility and enjoyable nature...Lire la suite
jbogaert le Juillet 11, 2022
RevOps with HubSpot Summer School Enroll now until July 25 at 9 AM (EDT) Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3 About the event For the first time ever, HubSpot Community and RevPartners are organizing a free education Lire la suite
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Août 11, 2022 05:06
Gutted I missed this! Hope there's another one in the future.
mbarba le Mai 02, 2022
Hey all! In case you haven’t heard, we wanted to let you know that World Certification Week from HubSpot Academy is back for 2022! It will take place in just a couple short weeks from May 9-13. For t Lire la suite
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mbarba le Avril 29, 2022
Remember the RevOps Office Hour that happened this past week on Tuesday, April 26, 2022? I know I do! In this office hour, Jan Bogaert, Solutions Marketing Manager on RevOps and Operations Hub at HubSpot, and I, HubSp Lire la suite
nthatcher-airbr le Avril 27, 2022
Hi RevOps community. I am currently trying to add two separate Company properties containing customers' current subscription $ amounts together into a new Total MRR subscription amount property through a workflow but am unable to find the action t Lire la suite
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Juin 13, 2023 07:53
@MrBean wrote: Hmm, pretty neat idea. Sounds like a great way to get different splits of MRR. Have you looked into using Calculation Properti...Lire la suite
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