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mbarba on April 29, 2022
Remember the RevOps Office Hour that happened this past week on Tuesday, April 26, 2022? I know I do! In this office hour, Jan Bogaert, Solutions Marketing Manager on RevOps and Operations Hub at HubSpot, and I, HubSp read more
mbarba on April 22, 2022
Hi all! On Tuesday, April 26, 2022, at 10:00 AM (EDT) , I'll be hosting a Revenue Operations Office Hour with our RevOps Solutions Marketing Manager, Jan Bogaert, to discuss the brand new Revenue Operations Certification that I l read more
mbarba on February 24, 2022
HubSpot Executive Chairman Brian Halligan wrote in a social post that for the year 2009, your product needed to be ten times better than your competition in order to succeed. As of 2019, however, your customer experience needs to be read more
February 05, 2023 17:28
I´m not yet in a position where I could decide about the structure, functions and org. chart but If I could contribute to it, I can see that there more
mbarba on February 24, 2022
The Revenue Operations Study Group is a public community group made up of HubSpot users, partners, and employees. It serves as your go-to destination for revenue operations (RevOps) discussions, events, and networking. Here read more
mbarba on February 24, 2022
Hey there! I’m Mary Barba, HubSpot Academy’s revenue operations (RevOps) professor. Welcome to the Revenue Operations Study Group! ⭐ The purpose of this post is to guide you through getting started with this study group an read more
mbarba on February 24, 2022
Hey there! I’m Mary Barba, HubSpot Academy’s revenue operations (RevOps) professor. Welcome to the Revenue Operations Study Group! One of the best ways to learn RevOps is by implementing strategies and sharing ideas with ot read more
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February 08, 2023 08:37
Hi everyone, my name's Kyle! 1. I'm currently an SDR at Quartile. 2. I work in the digital advertising management space. 3. What excites me most more
mbarba on February 16, 2022
There are three core elements to any RevOps strategy:​​ Implementing systems that will collect the data you need to identify your company's opportunities for growth. ​Communicating those opportunities to company leaders read more
November 24, 2022 00:53
Yes we need to focus on every aspect of revenue operation in order to achieve goal.
mbarba on February 16, 2022
When thinking about how to implement revenue operations, or RevOps, in your organization, it’s important to consider when or if you need to hire new team members. After all, you can’t move RevOps forward if no one is working on it! read more
February 08, 2023 15:18
How did you prioritize a list of operations roles you needed to fill? Identifying where are we having gaps as we have experimented more
mbarba on February 16, 2022
Many executives under-appreciate the work operations leaders perform. How do you communicate the value of your work and get buy-in from company leaders on your proposals? Share a story or technique in the comments b read more
December 28, 2022 16:48
Basically, I start with a one on one meeting with my managers to get a feel, so that i can prepare for the criticisms or any shortcoming they must more
mbarba on February 16, 2022
You've probably heard it said a million times that data-driven decisions are the best decisions. However, creating and keeping good data isn’t always an easy thing to come by. There are three main areas you need to invest in read more
February 05, 2023 12:39
How do YOU define process definition ? Well, i would say Process definition is the set steps that are clearly stated to be followed by the more
mbarba on February 16, 2022
Revenue Operations, or RevOps, is integral to taking an inbound approach to business and speeding up your company’s flywheel. Why are those important? Let’s define terms first: Inbound is a method of attracting, e read more
January 17, 2023 06:27
From author Val McDermid today on twitter: Great example of friction "So, I needed to replace a credit card and opted to apply for more
mbarba on February 16, 2022
Here at HubSpot, we define Revenue Operations, or RevOps, as the people, processes, systems, and data that control how your business generates revenue. That means that if you work at an organization that generates revenue, read more
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February 02, 2023 10:16
Hey There, My name is David Roberge, Im based out of south central Massachusetts! Rev Ops, to me, is the u nification of marketing, sales, more
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