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Assessment for RevOps hire - test Hubspot knowledge

Hey all - hoping to tap in on your expertise/experience here.

We're currently hiring for an addition to our RevOps team - and we want to have the candidate do a (not too extensive) assignment during the interview process. We’re looking for a HubSpot expert and the goal is to test HubSpot knowledge specifically on the technical side; I want to know how experienced this person is in the field of automation/building workflows/working with integrations etc.

Does anyone have tips what/how to test this or maybe already has an assessment/assignment and willing to share?


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Assessment for RevOps hire - test Hubspot knowledge

Thank you @jolle, this is valuable input! For us it would be in-house so the case would also be most useful to specify on this but can build that around. Was also thinking that Playbooks would be nice to use as an assignment - as Hubspot is working hard on improving this. See what this applicant can come up with; your point 2 and 3 are also valuable for that 'business case'.

Thanks again!

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Assessment for RevOps hire - test Hubspot knowledge

Hey @Lisette1, thanks for reaching out! This is a great question.


Maybe you could put together an assessment that covers a generic client example using sample data. Maybe it's something like:


  • Client ABC has this HubSpot subscription and needs to integrate with X, Y, and Z — what native or custom integrations would be needed to satisfy these requirements?
  • They need these specific actions to occur based on these specific triggers (i.e., form submission, deal moving to closed/won) — how would you accomplish this?
  • They need to capture and store these key datapoints across these objects — what HubSpot data model would you recommend?

You could have candidates walk through technical recommendations, walk through a quick buildout within a test account, create a process flowchart, or any compination of those assessments.


You'll have the best sense of the day-to-day work that this HubSpot expert will need to perform, so feel free to throw in any specific details relative to your needs (i.e., questions about custom objects, required deal properties, standardization of properties).


These are just my thoughts, but hopefully they're enough to help get you started!!

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