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    • 👋 Hi there, Is it possible to fetch the sequence label using the Sequence id? For internal tracking / reporting purposes, my team wants to automatically copy this sequence label every time it is updated into a custom property we've created called, "Last Sequence Enrolled - Name" with field type 'Single-line text'. I can successfuly console.log the enrolled contact's "Last Sequence Enrolled" id, but unable to find API documentation more
    • I have a workflow that fetches a Date property from a custom object in custom code and returns this.   This steps works like a charm, returning the expected value when I test it. Now at a later point in the same workflow, I try to format the date for display purposes, depending on conversation language, so there's multiple branches doing a different formatting each. Since event_start is a Date (tried Datetime as well), I as more
    • Dear Hubspot Community, I have been using the new feature recently released from Hubspot, the deal score, and I find it so useful! I was wondering if anyone has thought about a baseline for the deal score, divided by deal stage. What is the threshold after that you do not consider the score positive anymore? more
    • Hello, I'm looking for help creating a custom report in Hubspot - I'd like to be able to search keywords from email sent and received with the overall goal of having reports by subject matter and/or brand. Is this possible? Thanks! more
    • 👋 Hi everyone, I'm trying to set up a Custom Code action where based on my determined deal enrollment triggers. I want to do the following: Find the enrolled deal's Associated Company id & 'Company owner' value Copy the 'Company owner' value into a custom property created on the deal, called 'Associated Company Owner Email' (can accomplish with native workflow actions) Assign task to stored 'Associated Company Owner E more

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maggiebutler on September 14, 2020
OpsLife is HubSpot's newest community for Operations professionals. Whether you're in Marketing Ops, Sales Ops, Customer Success Ops, RevOps, or another type of Ops role -- we're here to provide a home for the content, education, and resources you n read more
134 Replies
Most Valuable Member | Elite Partner
June 14, 2024
Welcome to the community @Jess51 , happy you're here! I'm working on a project with a similar tech stack and looking at options for more
DianaGomez on May 10, 2024
Hey Community! We are excited to announce the launch of the new Clearbit forum in our community. This is a space where you can ask support questions, share best practices and tips, and learn from other customers. What is Clearbit b read more
2 Replies
HubSpot Employee
June 10, 2024
Hi Tayo, Great question here, and our apologies for not getting to it any sooner. The Clearbit Platform has a ton of free features and more
MPenfold on June 24, 2024
We use a lot of workflows for email campaigns and the automatic switch-off feature has been a godsend. However, it would be great if we could filter the workflows on the list page by whether they're set to automatically switch off or not, or even b read more
1 upvote
2 Replies
June 25, 2024
Thanks Karsten, got mixed up between the help and ideas section. Have now resubmitted as an idea here: more
BOCondún on June 24, 2024
Hi all, My organisation is setting up an integration with The idea is for our Sales team to perform outreach on Instantly and only push contacts over to HubSpot when they meet a set list of criteira (still deciding on what that mi read more
0 upvote
2 Replies
June 25, 2024
Hi Steve, Thanks so much for your input here. Lots of food for thought. A truly important consideration and something that my colleagues more
FransLeys on June 24, 2024
👋🏻 Frans here, product manager for Data Sync at HubSpot. We've built a feature, now available in closed beta, to help you customize how records match in a sync, or turn it off all together. We'd love to talk to some of you read more
1 upvote
2 Replies
Most Valuable Member | Elite Partner
June 25, 2024
Thanks for thinking of me (Impulse Creative) @PamCotton . @FransLeys i'll share with my team and see if we have folks interested!
LCastellon on June 23, 2024
When I click on "display XML file" I get a 404 error page. In short, the site map generator doesn't work.
0 upvote
1 Reply
Most Valuable Member | Elite Partner
June 23, 2024
Hi @LCastellon can you share a screenshot of the sitemap in HubSpot? Also what domain you have connected to HubSpot - we can confirm the sitemap more
Aaskarovo on June 23, 2024
Hello, I have an excel spreadsheet with contact records that I like to uplooad to HubSpot. There are two text free comments columns in the spreadsheet. I'd like to upload this list and see these comments on the record level. Is these a way to a read more
0 upvote
2 Replies
June 23, 2024
Hello @karstenkoehler , Thank you for that. This was very helpful. Have a great day Oren
aspinos82 on June 21, 2024
Hi team, When we query the free clearbit autocomplete API we get back exactly 5 results. Is this the limit? Many thanks
0 upvote
1 Reply
HubSpot Employee
June 24, 2024
Hi @aspinosa , Welcome to the HubSpot Community, and great question here! It sounds like your requests to the Auto-Complete API have more
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