[Resource] How to Run a Webinar (Strategy & Template)

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Lately I've been running a few live events and I've been utilizing the instructions under Step Six: Create Your Registration Assets from this blog post. When you are creating your registration assets for webinars, what other steps do you take? What else is missing from this process and how does this process compare to the one you use? 


Step 1: Write a description for your webinar that resonates with your buyer personas. You will use this for your landing page, email, and other assets.

Your description should include:

  • The presenter of your webinar and their bio
  • The goal or learning outcome of the webinar
  • An agenda

Step 2: Create your registration form. Remember that depending on what webinar software you use, you may have to create that in their software not HubSpot.

Create a form to capture data on your attendees including email address and anything that might be of value to you. This form will be filled out, so that a visitor can initially register for your webinar, and after the fact, watch it on demand.

Tips for creating a registration form:

  • Name the form something that will be easily recognizable.
  • Keep in mind that the more perceived value your webinar has to the persona(s) you are focusing on, the more fields they will be willing to fill out.

Create a form in HubSpot.

Step 3: Create the landing page your visitors will land on when they are interested in attending your live webinar.

  1. Navigate to the Landing Page tool.
  2. Create a new landing page and select a landing page template that is similar to the one you used when creating your thank you page.
  3. Name the landing page and be sure it's consistent with your campaign name, webinar, and your thank you page name.
  4. Make note in the title that this landing page is for the live webinar.
  5. Include "Landing Page" or "LP" at the beginning of the name to keep things organized.
  6. Write a clear, action-oriented header at the top of the page.
  7. There should be no menu navigation or links on the page.
  8. Explain the webinar and its value in 1–5 sentences within the body of the landing page — use numbers, bullets, and bolding in the copy, and include a relevant image or graphic of the content offer or topic.
  9. Highlight the date and time.
  10. Include speaker bios and headshots.
  11. Select the registration form that you created previously.
  12. Select the live webinar thank you page as the page that a person will be redirected to after submitting the form.
  13. Tag the landing page with the campaign name that you created previously.
  14. Under the “Publish” tab, check the “Page Expiration” box.
  15. Select the thank you page to redirect the page to and enter in the start date and time of your webinar.
  16. Copy the landing page URL to use in a future step.

Create your HubSpot Landing Page or explore the instructions for creating a landing page.

Once someone has filled out the registration form, you can automatically add your contacts to Zoom registration via workflows.

Add your contacts from HubSpot to your Zoom webinar using a workflow action:

  1. In your HubSpot account, navigate to Automation > Workflows.
  2. Create a new workflow or hover over an existing workflow and click “Edit.”
  3. In the workflow editor, click the (+) plus icon to add a new action.
  4. In the right panel, select “Add contact to Zoom webinar.”
  5. Enter your Webinar ID, then click “Save.”
  6. Add any additional workflow actions.
  7. Click Review, then click Turn on to activate your workflow and add contacts to your webinar.

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