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As an associate agency of HubSpot that works with clients that are distributors of different brands of technology, we encounter reporting problems when 1 of them has multiple domains and subdomains that belong to 1 client with multiple programs within their company.

We are planning to migrate to the enterprise version, but the reports at the domain level are only available through the sources, I would like to see the advanced filtering options for the marketing and web analysis panel.

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Hi @NicoArata


This has long been a problem, but HubSpot is now solving it with their new version of the Enterprise marketing hub. Coming soon are new features that allow proper content pationing on HubSpot using the new and improved teams features. This will allow you to devide a HubSpot portal up by brand, domain, region, etc and manage them more effectively. 


More info here: New & Upcoming Enterprise Features


Hope this helps.

Phil Vallender | Inbound marketing for B2B technology companies