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CFarish on Maio 30, 2023
Can anyone help advise. Client is fully set up with GA-4 and additional conversion events that take place on non-HubSpot website pages. Can i pull these into a HubSpot report at all?
0 avaliações positivas
0 Respostas
OAskarov on Maio 29, 2023
Hello there, So I was asked by a client of Main to create a few reports, but I'm not sure how I can create these in their account. I spent a couple of hours trying to create it but with no luck. I'll appreciate someone's help with this. 1. Funnel Leia mais
0 avaliações positivas
1 Respostas
Gerente da Comunidade
Maio 30, 2023 09:45
Hi @OAskarov , Thank you for reaching out to the Community! I wanted to tag in a couple of subject matter experts to see if they have any i...Leia mais
MCDFM on Maio 28, 2023
Hello I'm working on verifying the tracking for a HS-powered website and need to make sure the main metrics such as sessions + pageviews are at least 90%+ correct (knowing there is no '100%' ever). The site falls under GDPR. Google Analytics Leia mais
1 avaliações positivas
3 Respostas
Top colaborador(a) | Parceiro
Maio 29, 2023 13:28
Ah! interesting! I didn't have the banner on the page I tested on initially. So looking through the code in the original PoralID.js script. I can see...Leia mais
SLovold on Maio 26, 2023
We have a custom property called "Lead Source" that we set up to help simplify the whole original source and original source drill-downs thing and make it easier to have an at-a-glance look at attribution that includes specific partners and channels Leia mais
1 avaliações positivas
3 Respostas
Especialista reconhecido(a) | Parceiro Platinum
Maio 30, 2023 08:31
If you need to track the specific download date for each eBook, then yes. Alternatively, you could create a single "First eBook Download Date" proper...Leia mais
JenniFlynn on Maio 25, 2023
I tried building a customer journey report with a filter that only includes leads with an associated deal categorized as "follow on business." I made the first stage lead creation and the next stage, page visit/ad interaction/email click. This would Leia mais
0 avaliações positivas
1 Respostas
Maio 25, 2023 15:09
I guess I figured it out. I need to create a deal attribution report.
MQuinn on Maio 25, 2023
How can I see the NAME (not ID) of the Latest Source Drill-down 2 field in a report, in the same way, you can see the NAME (not ID) in a view on the contact list? I have attempted workflows and looked at all reporting tables. Please send help. Leia mais
1 avaliações positivas
5 Respostas
Maio 30, 2023 10:22
Hello! Thank you for your replies. There are a number of reasons why these suggestions do not work. As far as the user ID, for this field, we do not ...Leia mais
SebScheuer on Maio 25, 2023
We have been working with reports that look at form submissions form our demo request forms and pulled them into graph for inbound leads. Now adding chatflows to the channels of incoming leads, these reports don't work as chats don't count as fo Leia mais
0 avaliações positivas
3 Respostas
Accepted Solution
Top colaborador(a) | Parceiro Diamante
Maio 26, 2023 09:43
Hi @SebScheuer , When you customize the report, there are a couple of different filtering options you can use (pictured below). If you...Leia mais
SLongley3 on Maio 25, 2023
Does anyone have a solution to excluding workflow enrollments from influenced contacts after they have included the workflow in the campaign? I realise now that including our email workflows on the campaigns was a mistake. Why 'enrolled into a Leia mais
0 avaliações positivas
1 Respostas
Especialista reconhecido(a) | Parceiro Platinum
Maio 25, 2023 08:21
Hi @SLongley3 , I don't believe that there's a way to just clear this status from a record. Even if you create a new campaign you will may los...Leia mais
squigglebit on Maio 24, 2023
Is there an easy way to identify contacts with multiple email addresses? I would like to set up an automation to notify me of this
0 avaliações positivas
1 Respostas
Colaborador(a) | Parceiro Elite
Maio 24, 2023 10:29
Hi @squigglebit , You're not alone in looking for a solution for identifying contacts with multiple email addresses. I did some searching arou...Leia mais
wendygintz on Maio 23, 2023
Is there a way to track file URLs that are created in HubSpot? Views, sources, etc?
0 avaliações positivas
1 Respostas
Autoridade no assunto
Maio 23, 2023 19:35
@wendygintz not be default and not easily... and depending on how/where you want to track, it could impact website performance. In Marketing ...Leia mais
Shiran on Maio 19, 2023
At the moment, the only way to view contacts who have opted in to a specific subscription type is by creating a list. This is only useful if you want a total number of people subscribed. We want to be able to report on the number of people who Leia mais
10 avaliações positivas
2 Respostas
Participante | Parceiro Diamante
Maio 19, 2023 07:27
@karstenkoehler thanks for your reply and yes this does work however in larger portals with several business units this causes challenges as you ha...Leia mais
SGPT-4 on Maio 18, 2023
Hi there fam! I'm wondering if there's a way for me to (without Ops. Hub) build reports for my sales leadership where we can clearly see how many meetings an SDR booked & Close won deals associated with SDR. We currently have 3 members on th Leia mais
1 avaliações positivas
3 Respostas
Accepted Solution
Especialista reconhecido(a) | Parceiro Platinum
Maio 18, 2023 14:10
Hey @SGPT-4 , thanks for reaching out! This is a great question, and the answer will depend on what specific datapoints you need to track here. ...Leia mais
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