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  • Solved
    VeeTardrew on September 21, 2021
    4 Replies
    I feel like a bit of a dunce asking this question, but I'm in a massive hurry and can't seem to work this out fast enough. If I wanted to look at the traffic sources of a specific page, what report should I be looking at, please? Thanks in...
    September 21, 2021 04:05
    Thank you for being so helpful. I know how to retrieve the data from Google Analytics, but I really appreciate your time.
  • Solved
    AZistler on September 03, 2021
    4 Replies
    Hello All, thank you in advance for any assistance or advice! When sending a filtered dashboard, the export reverts to the individual report's filters instead of the dashboard filters. Note that the dashboard does successfully filter the reports ...
    September 16, 2021 14:16
    Hello All, After returning to this question, I cannot seem to replicate the issue... Chalking this one up to user error! 😂 Thank you very much f...
  • JHarper on September 01, 2021
    1 Replies
    Hi there, I'm relatviely new to HubSpot but cannot locate an answer for these two scenarios: 1. The counted number of new contacts from forms on reports decreasing over time: Set up of report as follows: Displaying: Form Submission. Measured by...
    Community Manager
    September 03, 2021 01:50
    Hey @JHarper Welcome to the Community. These are really good questions, I'm wondering what our experts can advise in this case. ...
  • MerchantCentric on September 01, 2021
    4 Replies
    Is it possible create a report within HS that details a contact's engagement within a campaign? I understand i can do it manually by downloading a recipient lists or all associated emails but becomes quite a task when there are 30 to 40 emails. ...
    September 03, 2021 11:36
    For those who are attempting to pull a report showing all open and click behavior of contacts within a specific campaign; I have found a solution. -...
  • Solved
    Eric-Ott on August 30, 2021
    2 Replies
    I have looked at the other posts with this title and they are not helpful. I am looking to create a report with a date range of the contacts and what pages they have been on (our website). This information ("Website Activity") is being gathered as i...
    September 01, 2021 07:33
    Cool, I signed up for the 14-day trial Marketing Hub Professional to access this function. Thank you for your response.
  • Solved
    caro1 on August 27, 2021
    1 Replies
    Good afternoon - we have clients with VERY long sales cycles (up to 9 months because it's real estate). Is there a report than can show us the average length of time someone spends as a lead before they become a customer?
    Most Valuable Member
    August 29, 2021 20:38
    Hi @caro1 , In the report library ( Menu > Reports > Reports > Report library ) there is a report called "Average time to beceo...
  • msubby on August 19, 2021
    1 Replies
    We have 2 domains, and DomainA is our marketing website and DomainB is our web application. I wanted to confirm 2 things. If I follow the cookies, cookies on DomainA and DomainB will be different for the __hstc,__hssc, _...
    August 19, 2021 19:21
    I am experiencing this same issue and am looking for a way to resolve it.
  • datavertigo on July 28, 2021
    4 Replies
    When a user right-clicks on a link and opens in a new window or tab, how is that measured in Hubspot? What gets populated in the original source for the contact? Are each opened window/tab counted toward the same session? This may not impact CT...
    September 22, 2021 05:51
    There are implications for how clicks and right-clicks are being measured, why it's important, and how it impacts designers, UX managers, client expe...
  • DerFabian on July 26, 2021
    3 Replies
    Hello, I set up a tracking url to a page on which the hubspot cookie is activated. After I set up the tracking url, I activated my VPN and copy + pasted the url into my browser (incognito). On page I accepted all cookies. Afterwards I checked ...
    July 28, 2021 00:18
    Great, thank you very much! 🙂
  • MissM on July 12, 2021
    1 Replies
    Dear Hubspot community. I have disabled automatic tracking with UTM parameters but we are still getting campaign names from the tool with the emails Id and email subjet, we don't want hubspot emails to be treated as campaigns in google analytics...
    Top Contributor | Diamond Partner
    July 13, 2021 03:34
    Hi @MissM , It's hard to understand the context of the question without a sample contact record or email you are looking at as well. Without t...
  • _ashleyquintana on June 24, 2021
    3 Replies
    Could we find a way to resolve this? It would be wonderful if AMP traffic was actually categorized as organic search traffic instead of referral traffic. As an agency, we work hard to generate organic traffic for our clients, but reporting in ...
    Community Manager
    June 30, 2021 14:22
    Hello @_ashleyquintana , I would highly recommend you to please post this idea at our ideas forum ( here ). Our product team, who monitors th...
  • NGlass on May 18, 2021
    3 Replies
    Hi! I am working on reporting for webinars that we run and am looking for a way to tally event attendance in one report. We upload a list of attendees for each event and I have added them all to the report via a filter. We have an existing c...
    Community Manager
    May 20, 2021 19:46
    Thanks @NGlass ! I want to know how many of the lists in this report each person appears on. It seems like the number of the lists each c...
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