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LukasBras on September 17, 2020
Hi everyone, So I'm struggling to create a lead nurturing report so I could see all of my needed metrics weekly. Can you include workflows or campaigns in reports? I'd like to see which workflows or which emails in a campaign generated conversions read more
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3 Replies
Accepted Solution
Hall of Famer | Partner
September 17, 2020 06:43
Hi @LukasBras , As far as I know it's currently not possible to report on workflows but there is a workaround. If you associate workflows or more
yplow on August 28, 2020
Hi guy, I have asked my web developer to insert the Hubspot tracking code on my company website, we have 2 different one, which i believe i need to only use one tracking code. However when i check out the traffic analysis report, it does not separat read more
0 upvote
3 Replies
Accepted Solution
Hall of Famer | Partner
August 28, 2020 08:32
Hi @yplow , Analytics should be shared, yes. Here are two older threads on the same topic that provide more context: more
Eliza1 on July 16, 2020
Hi! How can I track not only the number of seccions but also the exact pages that were visited. For example, a user visited, and Hubspot will show me the report that the /integrations page was visited. I use the integration read more
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1 Reply
Accepted Solution
Key Advisor
July 16, 2020 07:49
Hi Eliza, IF youu are using segments in lists/reports for multiple contacts you will only be able to see the pages visited in aggrigate, this is more
WalterNienhuis on June 18, 2020
What is the best practice for being able to track CTA clicks in Google Analytics? We are currently using UTM links to attribute revenue back to the source in Google Analytics. We would also love to use the CTA button feature in hubspot to be able read more
Accepted Solution
Key Advisor
June 23, 2020 07:48
Ok so you can create a unique UTM for each CTA and place it inside and this way you can track each click back to it's specific CTA. Hope this more
mmetros on May 30, 2020
I am coming from a Pardot background and we recently moved on to Hubspot - So mind that this question comes from my experience using Pardot. In Salesforce we were able to track engagement history metrics. We were tracking metrics on our mark read more
0 upvote
3 Replies
Accepted Solution
July 01, 2020 13:49
Some of these are natively available in the Analytics Tools part of HubSpot - under Reports --> Analytics, you can dive into form and website more
kgabriel on April 27, 2020
Hello, In prior roles we used salesforce and the campaign functionality in salesforce to log a lead's activities. For example for a webinar, the campaign name would be added to the lead record and based on their action at the webinar (attended, read more
0 upvote
6 Replies
Top Contributor | Diamond Partner
October 01, 2020 15:05
Hi, just a follow up question related to this - when using tracked links in HubSpot, will that also show up on their contact activity records?
piercleo on March 03, 2020
Hi, How can I pass the UTM parameters of a Hubspot landing page URL to a button on that page which sends to an external URL ? Best regards, Pierre
Accepted Solution
March 05, 2020 10:49
Hi piercleo, It depends. If you control both websites, I would enable cross domain tracking. Here is link to how to do this in google analytics more
mitalun on February 27, 2020
In 2017 I was told it was on its way but still I cannot export for example all my cta clicks so I can track the number of downloads. I can see them in my campaign but there is no way (as far as I know) to export the numbers to an excel, not even a w read more
1 upvote
5 Replies
Accepted Solution
November 08, 2022 16:58
Hi @mitalun if you're still looking for more export ability, it is possible now. HubSpot added info about it into the top of article about more
ivo on November 25, 2019
Hi all, Has anyone being able to create a customized attribution model for campaign influence in Salesforce while using Hubspot? If anyone has any ideas to share, that would be great! Thanks!
0 upvote
1 Reply
Accepted Solution
Thought Leader
November 25, 2019 18:51
Absolutely. Lot's written on this topic. The best we've seen follows. - see Attribution Modeling on HubSpot/Salesforce Stack
acceleratemedia on October 16, 2019
The main goal that we are trying to accomplish is to have a way to view all of our sources of leads along with how much we are spending on each of them combined with the number of leads generated by each service to give a general metric of how much read more
1 upvote
1 Reply
Accepted Solution
Thought Leader
October 16, 2019 16:07
Tracking of leads (aka Contacts in HubSpot) from external sources is certainly something HubSpot can do for you if they converted on a more
chrisathint on September 10, 2019
Hi, Is there a way to see which contacts met a workflow goal without scrolling through the workflow History tab? For example, I have a workflow that nurtures blog subscribers and the goal is that they become MQLs. The workflow Performance tab read more
Accepted Solution
December 10, 2019 17:16
Thanks @himanshurauthan ! That was exactly what I needed. Cheers.
davecriswell on September 05, 2019
There was a previous post about this with a now broken link to an idea post but no real input for if/how folks are handling this. We find the Original Source contact property is great for tracking new business. However, we're investigating how read more
5 Replies
Accepted Solution
Key Advisor
September 10, 2019 16:04
Yes - the Most Recent Source is a custom property. Basically on all forms or touch points there is always a Most Recent Source value whether static, more
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