What are YOUR favorite Reports in HubSpot?

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What are your favorite Reports that you've built in HubSpot? How do you use that Report in your job? Post a screenshot and short explanation. We're trying to understand how to more easily surface the data you need! 

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Hi @ashahhubspot


I've fallen in the love with the reporting add-on lately. It took a while but now it's a must have tool for me. 


One of the most powerful reports that I've created is also really simple. It's my MQL performance stacked column report. With a clear definition of an MQL, this report shows what really matters - how many leads are being handed off to sales each month.




I've also started to really dig the contact and deal funnel reports. I've found that selecting just two lifecycle or deal stages to analyse using funnel reports can give you really clear and useful insights - like what percentage of MQLs are turning into opportunities, etc. 







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@shearn@HelenRoss@KatieSchieder@kcooper@Josh, @pina@coreysmith@Tnichs@MFrankJohnson@ndwilliams3 - would love to know which HubSpot reports you value most.

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@roisinkirby - thanks for the ping!


I love the Contact Lifecycle Funnel report. It's helpful for both the current picture as the pipeline stands right now as well as goal setting for the next quarter. If we know how many customers we'd like to obtain in a specific timeframe, using historic data will tell us how many MQLS and new leads created we'll need to achieve that goal.



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One of my fav. reports is also a report centered around MQLs


Screen Shot 2018-05-01 at 8.47.03 AM.png

What I find invaluable about this report is that it gives me insight into both quality and velocity.  Our sales cycle is typically 12-16 months long, so being able to see current disposition over time is really important.


I can see that for all the contacts who became an MQL within the last year, what is their lifecycle stage today? Have they moved on to Customer? Never made it to SQL?


Looking at this, I would go take a deeper look at the contacts who became an MQL in August 2017 - who are these people who moved to Customer? And what happened in May 2017 that caused so many people to become SQLs but not move into Opportunity? 


This is just one of many reports that I count on to make business changes based on fact, not gut. 

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Hi Cooper - its a long time sinse you posted this but this looks very interesting - Do you have the specs for how to set up the report? Thx, Jan-Kaare, NARD. 


Honestly I don't use Hubspot reports all that much. 

In terms of analytics, I like to look at the Analyze page of the blog section to see how many views a blog post has for the month, or look in the social media section to see how well a social media post is doing. 

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Thought we answered this somewhere else ... guess the alzheimer's kickin in again. (facepalm)


Didn't really have too many favorite reports. But this post definitely helped change that.


Ever since we discovered a correlation between call duration and conversions (for top-tier customers) we've become anamored with our 'Average Call Duration by Rep' report.

(see image)



And, just gotta say, @Phil_Vallender's 'MQL performance stacked column report' ROCKS -- as long as there's crystal clarity around what is and what is NOT and MQL.

(see image)




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Hope that helps.


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Screen Shot 2018-05-03 at 11.41.14 AM.png
This is my form performance tracker. I use it to see if our outbound targeting and PPC are bringing in any leads compared to the organic traffic. and this was not as easy to build as I would have hoped. It required a custom field or two and a workflow to boot.

Then I can take a look at our page views and see what Screen Shot 2018-05-03 at 11.32.50 AM.pngpages are driving the most traffic








and then look at our funnel to track ovrerall conversion performance but I may change my funnel reporting to one of the other versions in this thread.
Screen Shot 2018-05-03 at 11.38.20 AM.png







Looking forward to more options on filters and reports as the product capability grows.

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Simple  but efficient, Sessions analytics is for sure a winner!

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At a HubSpot HUG event in Austin they introduced a few ideas I need some support on creating:


@MFrankJohnson @Mike_Eastwood  Few reporting questions I wanted to brainstorm with ya'll. I was at the Austin HUG event and they mentioned these two great reports to add and was struggling with how to set them up. 


MQL to Meeting Conversion Rate - Need confirmation on how this report would work. I would need to have a deal stage for Meeting, correct?  Basically, the Lead flow would become MQL -- Deal gets created into the 1st stage and then the 2nd stage would be meeting? 


The one thing I don't like about this is through is then the process is turning every MQL into an opportunity without qualification. Would an alternative way to track this be by using Lead Status?