Website view tracking without including JavaScript


There is documentation lacking on how to track web view events when using JavaScript is not possible:

There are multiple ways of overcoming this and I would welcome HubSpot to document them (even if labeled "unsupported"):

  • Download the HubSpot Javascript, do security audit and include it statically. Whenever the JavaScript changes the download/review/include has to be repeated.
  • Include an iframe that contains html to include the JavaScript, send JavaScript events from the site into the iframe
  • (ab)use

If there are other options you have tested/used please post below. 

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Hey @aarnoaukia 


I hope you are well! I'll tag a few of our experts that can share their thoughts with you.


Hey @daviddoughty @HubSpotMaster @Bryantworks  anything you would like to share with @aarnoaukia




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