Using analytics to find contacts with similar characteristics


Imagine a set of contacts that exhibit a certain behavior (bought something, downloaded something, etc.). These contacts obvoiusly have a certain set of accumualted characteristics and behaviors within Hubspot.  Question -- is there an analytics tool that can be used then to find others that "look" like these original contacts within some confidence level?  Thanks for any help.



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Hey @jmancini77 great question!


I have a follow up one... When you say 'display certain behaviors' do you mean behaviors on YOUR website? E.g. clicks, downloads, subscriptions? Or cookied behaviour elsewhere? If the former, the below HubSpot Marketing Features might be of help to you - depending on your account type.


Events Reporting - full user guide here
Events allow you to track when a visitor performs a specific action on your website. From clicking on a Demo CTA to viewing your Pricing page, events allow you to record granular site interactions. Once this information is captured, you can segment in lists, trigger workflows and create custom reporting based off the Event. Events are only available in the Enterprise edition of HubSpot.  

Workflows and Lead Scoring - full user guide here

HubSpot's Custom Lead Scoring allows you to scale your lead qualification processes and to better identify your most qualified leads. When a contacts surpasses a certain Hubspot score, you can trigger a worfklow to set off a series of actions.


I'm sure there are a number of HubSpot experts and Partners here that @roisinkirby can help you connect with to advise on best practices / the options available with HubSpot. 

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To add to the above - you could also segement contacts with shared contact properties using Smart Lists. Some example properties you can group contacts by are listed here (check out Web Analytics - they might be useful!): List of HubSpot's Default Contact Properties





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Absolutely! @ndwilliams3@Phil_Vallender@Josh do you have any best practice tips / further suggestiosn to the above? I'll also loop in one of our Inbound Professors, Joel aka @HubTrog


For further context, could you confirm which HubSpot Marketing product you are using? Marketing Free/Starter or the full Marketing platform? This will help assess which tools and resources are available to you 🙂

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Hi there JM,


Right now we do not have predictive modeling that would automatically do something like that. 


However, you can analyze that set of contacts and look for similiarites in behavior patterns. E.g., do they tend to be highly engaged on social media and visit a particular page more often than average? From there you can build lists of people who display similar traits minus the conversion you are looking for. 


Hope that helps, 





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Great question.


I think there is a simple and a complex interpretation of your question. 

The simple one is this - Using smart lists you can create groups of contacts who display the same behavioural and/or demographic profile.


e.g. you can build a list of people who visited a landing page and who work in a specific industry.


This approach relies on you having the contact in your database and having the data points to include them in the list. If they have not clicked an email from you or submitted a form, you will be missing lots of the data that you might use for this.. If they have however then you can definitely create these kinds of groups.


For example, we have a list-driven workflow that targets contacts who have submitted a form and have a high level of website engagement (multiple visits and page views) based on the fact that similar contacts have converted in the past.


The answer to the more complex version is no. HubSpot does not natively included any functionality to either proactively personalise content or expand your audience in any way. LinkedIn, Facebook and Google can all do this through their advertising products and that could be your route to doing this. 

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Great reply Phil, 


The ad networks are a great place to get your content in front of the right people simply because of how much data they have on web users.


They can also do a little conversion rate optimization research / testing to up the % of their current traffic filling forms or checking out. Hotjar's heatmapping integration works nicely with HubSpot. They can do a simple user test in a few hours to get some qualitative feedback on the site. Identifying the site's design, usability and messaging problems would be useful for running a couple of simple A/B tests with the goal to increase % of traffic converting.