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Hi everyone,


We are releasing a new product, on a different domain.


So, I'm thinking, I will add this new domain under 'reports'>'tracking code'>'advanced tracking' and then create an 'Analytics View' so I can separate things. Is this the right way to go about it? 


We are on the marketing pro subscription and getting a brand new portal for this new product doesn't seem to make much sense since the client base is very similar and the team working on it is exactly the same.



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Hi @lucasfmsarmento,



I wanted to draw your attention to this thread where @Josh and @ndwilliams3 shared some great suggestions around this functionality here


@Phil_Vallender shared some helpful thoughts about managing multple domains in this thread.

Additionally, I wanted to share a few resources regarding how to manage tracking multiple domains in HubSpot.

1. Set up site domains

2. Building domain specific Sources Reports in HubSpot


Thank you,

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Definately setup the Analytics view for the new domain. Additional setup may be needed in you're contact properties, depending on how the sales team is alligne. We are a franchisor with 14 brands in the US. our franchise development team is aligned around the brands with a different team for each brand. We have to add properties to track which brand the lead was interested in to insure proper routing.