Unable to create a timeslot-based report


We were looking for an option to create a report that will show the amount of leads, that were created within a certain timeslot overnight, ad later marked as junk. Target was to analyze how many leads among all we ever marked as junk, were received within 12a to 5a time slot. That supposed to help us to measure the effectiveness of our ads campaign overnight, and pause it for certain hours night time, in case if campaign doesn't generate satisfactory amount of qualified leads.

 As support team advised, such functionality allowing to create report based on certain time slot, is not yet in place. We consider this functionality as much needed. Appreciate HS development team taking a look into this.

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Hi @OlenaE


Thank you for reaching out to the Community! 

I found a product idea in our Ideas forum with a similar use case: here.  

If this is the functionality you would like to see implemented, I would like to encourage you to participate in the idea thread by upvoting and commenting on the post to bring it to our Product team's attention and provide more context. By doing so, you will automatically get notified when there is a status update for this idea. You can check the Ideas Forum Users' Guide here


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Hi @OlenaE ,

I think this will be possible using a Custom Report and Calculation properties, but you will need to figure out which properties you want to use. The Time Between values are calculated in miliseconds, but you can easily convert this to a more readable format. We have a guide here

Hope this helps!

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