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I set up a tracking url to a page on which the hubspot cookie is activated.

After I set up the tracking url, I activated my VPN and copy + pasted the url into my browser (incognito). On page I accepted all cookies.


Afterwards I checked out, if this link "click" was stored in HubSpot but unfortunately not.


Does it take more than 20 minutes (because of a session) to show the data, or is there something wrong?


Thank you and kind regards,



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Hello @DerFabian , it may happen sometimes of a delay to show the tracking result if you just installed it, 

If you see any other status or the .js code is not found, your tracking code may not be firing correctly. Contact HubSpot Support for further troubleshooting and assistance.

If the script loader ( is present, also check for the tracking script ( to ensure that the code is firing correctly. If you only see the actual tracking script ( and not the script loader, the tracking code will still fire correctly.

If the HubSpot tracking code is firing on your website pages, but you do not see any new page views or sessions on your dashboard or in the sources report, you may need to change your target domain or add additional domains to your tracking code settings to make sure that HubSpot is gathering analytics from the correct domain or subdomain. .

If there are no errors, can you provide me with some detail on what is happening when you try to create the tracking URL?

I hope this information helps.




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Hi @DerFabian ,

That's a great question! Currently, it takes about 40 minutes to an hour for the analytics tool to be updated with the tracked sources. I've tested this out from my end before - and, if all has been set up correctly - we should be able to see the data reflected on our analytics tools 🙂


It used to take hours before the analytics reflected the data! But the team has been working to ensure that we are able to see it as soon as possible.

Hope this helps!

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Thanks and Regards.


Great, thank you very much! 🙂